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About Us

Find out about our history and how we intend to Change the world!.


We need to change NOW

Industrial agriculture has been one of the main causes of global warming and contributes very negatively to the life of our planet. We must change now to avoid serious environmental problems. To produce the world's food we don't need to slowly kill the earth using lots of chemicals, destroying and eroding soils, killing all local biodiversity and using up lots of natural resources.

Our dream vision is a world where 100% of the food is produced without harming the planet. With regenerative technical solutions that make the world a better place with each harvest, capturing a lot of atmospheric CO2 and using natural resources in a cyclical way.

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Our struggle is to defend and regenerate nature. We urgently need to regenerate more area than we degrade, this is the way to solve humanity's biggest problems such as global warming, water scarcity, extinction of biodiversity and food insecurity.


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We must change now! We must save the planet and avoid climate disasters. Join us on this fight!

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